Anthony & Joe

The Joey Lup Foundation was created to honor Joseph Luparello (AKA “Lupy”). Joe passed away on November 17, 2014 at the age of 42, from Gamma Delta Sub-Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Joe was diagnosed with Lymphoma in January, 2013. Joe endured a very difficult two years where he received many chemotherapy treatments, had multiple hospital stays, and received a bone marrow transplant, for which his older brother¬†Anthony was a perfect match. After one and a half weeks of being discharged from the hospital, Joe came down with Shingles. His immune system just couldn’t recover. After finding out that his Lymphoma spread to his lungs, and having next to no immune system, Joe passed away. Joe left behind his wife Dena of 8 1/2 years, his twins, Joey Jr. and Mia (8), and his youngest son, Nicolas (7).

Joe and his Childern

From left to Right: Joe Jr., Nicolas, Mia and Joe



Dena, Joe and Vinny

Joe Luparello was the type of man that made everyone smile and laugh. He brought people together and was the life of the party. Joe would do anything for anybody, be it family or friend. His generosity was overwhelming and his charm was compelling.

This foundation was created to keep Joe’s generosity alive, while honoring such an amazing man. Our goal is to help raise money to assist families with the financial burden that comes along with battling cancer as well as give some financial assistance to research of Lymphoma, in the hopes of one day finding a cure for Gamma Delta T-Cell Lymphoma.